Awesome DJ Show At Gibson Park!

Here are some pictures from the DJs of Relativity show Sunday at Gibson Park! It was an incredible afternoon of some amazing music!  Midnight Dread was in fine form as always and did several strong sets, showcasing his veteran DJ skills. He dropped many fine tunes on us from all corners of the music world. He also did several strong sets of his cowboy dub reggae project Ghost Town Sound that really showed the people something new,  showcasing his veteran mixing, toasting and singing as only the Midnight Dread can!

Folk and Americana was well represented by  MC Squared, with his creative mixes and intriguing selections. He reminded us of the roots of American music and played many songs and artists new to everyone, and had many people saying “Who dat?” He played several very solid sets, before he headed back to Helena. Thanks bro!

DJ GVay  took us new places in inner and outer space, with his ambient/ electronic/ space/world/dub/fusion mixes.  We were spellbound by his seamless flow of galactic music.  This is what the best DJs at Burning Man should sound like. He had some nice narratives and blew us away with some amazing  human didge throat singing!

DJ Coyote (that’s me) stirred the musical gumbo early on with some roots reggae. As the day went on and the DJ’s rotated through their sets, he mixed in some classic rock and gave Brother Saint a shoutout from the old days with Commodores “Brick House”! There are nice memories of later sets with audience members drumming onstage , to classic Santana grooves. Thanks for the soulful drumming! New friend Cory blessed several people with his spellbinding original artwork, created as the afternoon went on.

What a fantastic day! Four DJs and four unique musical viewpoints.  Thanks to you, my musical brothers! I will kick it with you guys anytime! We will do it again and let’s hope soon!


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